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A complete redesign of Sport Management App for FECAM an Spanish NGO for sport championships inside Special Olympics.


FECAM is a 25 years old instution who promotes integration with menthal disabilities through sport. They are honor members of Special Olympics international and the organises national championships in Spain for 8 sports every year. FECAM grants more than 1800 licenses for athletes, coaches and delegates every year, and its championships are follwed realtime by sportmen and spectators every weekend.


In January 2013, FECAM realises its current website is almost unaccessible from mobile devices, and its traditional admin panel based in an old technology multipurpose software doesn't let them the immediacy .

Figure 1. FECAM's classical sheets before redesign.

So, at the end of 2015, I helped FECAM redesign their Sport Management Webb app. Acting as their Lead UX Designer, we back to their original needing and we defined guidelines and most of the features you’ll see to this day.

Research & Analysis

User research focuses on understanding user behaviors, needs, and motivations through observation techniques, task analysis, and other feedback methodologies. For me user research is “the process of understanding the impact of design on an audience”.

Identified Roles

Due to Fecam project needings, they required different actions from different people. They couldn't spend more time managing an old software where staff couldn't edit their team members, or creating championship rounds manually anymore.

SuperAdmin Admin Staff Sport Fans

Superadmin is the role they needed to manage everything and double check what other colleagues in the NGO were doing in terms of Championships creation and players addition or cancelation.

We limited this role to the general manager in the organisation, who is not eligible from any shareholders, but independent of any circunstancial change.

Admin is the role of the person who will manage the WebApp regularly, and who will create the championships.

An sport expert profile who is working inside the Federation and who will assist other staffs and players to complete the required actions for championships and registration.

The huge saving-time tool for FECAM.

Now coaches and delegates will be able to add their own athletes to the federation, to cancel old ones and to create teams for each championship and sport.

Those who share the passions supporting the championships every weekend.

Relatives of athletes and sport fans are the ones who demand the results of each game real-time, to know the latest qualifying marks and teams matches for the next round.

Checking how people relive the most exciting moment of each proof while checking his mobile device is a lot of satisfaction.

Figure 2. FECAM's user scenarious.

With common scenario’s in place, we were able to define detailed personas, using their vast data pool. The personas looked something like this:

Person #1 Person #2 Person #3
Name & Job David, FECAM Staff Elena, Club Coach Roberto, Sport fan
Age group 25-34 y.o. 25-34 y.o. 35-44 y.o.
Motivation and benefits of product usage

Fast and simple way to organise a championship with several sports and proofs. Athletes supervision in minutes. Save time of calling to coaches to ask for athletes submission.

Fast and simple way to apply to a championship with one or more teams of Club's athletes. Athletes submission to proofs in minutes. Get notifications and alerts if any license is not suitable for the championship.

Save time knowing the schedule of his favourites athletes. Check results real-time from any device.

Need and context of use

To organise a championship manually would take days, and there is no time to waste when you have to do it every week, apart of the hours of communication to every invited club coach. To have a system to offer sports and proofs to be checked by everyone at the same time is a must

A quick way to submit your athletes' teams to the digital environment without old documents or phone calls.

Going to the sport event without any updated information is so frustrating, so it is necessary to know real-time when your favourite heroes are participating, and how was their result.

Way to product

Tought by the UX Designer of the WebApp.

Promotion via official meeting.

Promotion on the spot, and via FECAM social networks.

Digital literacy




Figure 3. FECAM's personas.

Without a clear understanding of what your product does, what problems it solves or for whom it solves these problems, ultimately there’s no need for your product. Our goal was to make sure FECAM's app solved typical online ticketing problems in a clear and simple way.

Wireframing & Prototyping

With the proper planning, we were able to confidently move into creating wireframes for the app. We took the decision to focus more on the functionality and structure of the app, using Balsamiq and opting for low-fidelity wireframes with very little detail. Ultimately, we could add design elements in later, what was important for our users, was that the product (above all) was clear and simple.

Figure 4. FECAM's low-fi wireframes.
User testing

User testing is a technique used in user-centered interaction design to evaluate a product by testing it on users. This can be seen as an irreplaceable usability practice, since it gives direct input on how real users use the system. So we decided to use this technique in our app with this tasks:

  1. Create new Championship.
  2. Submit Club and Teams.
  3. Generate double round K.O. Tournament.
  4. Identify non-elegible players for a proof.
  5. Check real-time results.
Figure 5. User testing results (before & after redesign).


One major change in the Webapp, was to focus on the speed the association needed to create championships, and the seam speed people demanded to check the restuls. Our aim was to improve Admin and visitor interaction by understanding more about a Sport Manager’s personal preferences, allowing us to predict and tailor relevant options to every different sport and its features.

Once created the tools to generate championships and to add sports, the next step will be dive deep into teams, matches and series, cause this means a complex system of conditions and make a difference between players who qualify for next round, and those who are not qualified after the proof.

We also needed to create a simpler, easier and more structured way to see the sports while the Championship is being celebrated. By categorising the event by sports and adding search features we would get the casual visitor identify easily where is the player he wants to find, and his competition mark.

Figure 6. FECAM's final UI Design for public site and Admin Panel.


In the results we redesigned a WebApp for Sport managers with the same needing they had since years ago, but they weren't solved with the original website they bravely designed with its internal department. The Web application they have today is a powerful tool to solve fast the previous mechanic work. UI testing gave us an idea of how to properly prioritize the structure of the application, providing the most positive user experience for FECAM's staff and users.

We understood the errors of the previous version of the application, which was focused mostly on solving very basic needing, and client understood the less time you take to correct that mistakes, it would have saved them a lot of time to progress faster searching for their real needing.

Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations. Steve Jobs, US computer engineer & industrialist.

Special Olympics is going to add more integrated sports all over Worldwide organisations, and we'll have a lot of work to do on the application together with FECAM new Clubs and Teams. So stay tuned!

Date December, 2016
Type Web apps, UI Design, UX Design


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