UX Design Responsible for VR Customization platform Miid.io

Hired as CBO, I was the responsible for the brand's image, experience, and promise. User Experience Design is having a fundamental role in the development of the brand


Miid is a startup born in Guangzhou, China, offering an e-commerce platform where user can customize many objects using real-time 3D technology and VR environments


In 2015, user has moved from a stage of communication with the brand about its products to an stage of demanding specific products built on demand. Nike id, New Balance or MiAdidas are producing clothings with specific colors and embrodery for each user spending 4 weeks, but people is demanding much more speed on delivery and a wider range of articles. Customization Era is a reality but not as confortable as we imagined.

Figure 1. Motion graphics about acquiring unique products.

So, at the end of 2015, I was hired to give a visual shape to the idea of an idea focused on offer a new platform where Chinese users could customize and buy lots of brands products, who would built for them and delivery in days.

Research & Analysis

User research focuses on understanding Chinese market behaviors, needs, and motivations through observation techniques, personal interviews, and a detailed study of companies offering customization of a single product, to extrapolate it to a multi-brand environment.

User scenarios

Due to customization options grew quickly, there was plenty of data available to us, so we used this to accurately define their user base, the way these users behaved and several possible use cases for the app.

Competitor Test in our studio Test in a Shop Test in a shop with VR

Competitor customization helped to study the client's attitude in front of a lot of options to create your own product from scratch.

Many people came with the idea of having a concrete design with their preferences, another ones just explored in a spontaneous way, and another ones were blocked when they had a lot of options in front of them, even when they previously said they would like to have a unique article.

It implies a visit to our studio where designers would prepare everything to let the user customize hundreds of products. In this scenario, the user is planning to buy in advance, picking his favourites articles of the total.

User is happy to spend some time creating, cause he assumes it takes time (and maybe because he will get some gifts for free), but the experience overall is so creative. We don't see any client who feel blocked and cannot create at least one new customized product by himself.

Users who want to buy a customized products will be tracked at the shop. It's a must to identify those ones who customize and are interested in keep the design, those ones who customized and buy the final product, and those ones who customize and don't want to buy and don't want to keep the unique result.

There is no limit of time to let them interact with the interface.

In this scenario, the user is testing a new way of shopping using Virtual Reality with HTC Vibe. The all-new interface requires a bit of time of adaptaion to the glasses and physical space around, but after 5 minutes user is totally innmerse in an exciting world of parallel reality where buying will begin exciting and easy.

Desire of other clients around comes in seconds.

Figure 2. Miid’s user scenarious.

With common scenario’s in place, we were able to define detailed personas, using their vast data pool. The personas looked something like this:

Person #1 Person #2 Person #3
Name & Job Yao Rang, Design Student Li Wang, Accountant Joe Yuen, Shop Owner
Age group 18-24 y.o. 25-34 y.o. 35-44 y.o.
Motivation and benefits of product usage

Fast and modern way to design and create uniques articles. No need to wait for new collections cause it takes time to be delivered.

Simple way to create special products. The ability to order gifts with a personal touch.

Create new promotions and shocking adverts with products adapted to each target, and 360 view of articles to show potential clients.

Need and context of use

All day connected person. Shopping online meets this customization as a logical evolution for him.

A confortable web to create his own product with no hurry, navigate to the options, and buy the special gift.

A person devoted to trends and ready to adopt the customization as one of his most powerful selling weapons.

Way to product

Recommended by friends. Online promotion and corners at the shops.

Recommended by friends and privates clubs. Promotion or partnerships way.

Recommended by brands, distributors and promotions to sellers.

Digital literacy




Figure 3. Miid’s personas.

Without a clear understanding of how easy customization of products can be, the need is not as big. Our goal was to make sure Miid’s platform showed how great was to have your unique product, how real the experience could be, and how easy it results.

User testing

User testing is a technique used in user-centered interaction design to evaluate a product by testing it on users. This can be seen as an irreplaceable usability practice, since it gives direct input on how real users use the system. So we decided to use this technique in our site with this tasks:

  1. Log in or Sign up;
  2. Discover customizable articles;
  3. Design your unique product;
  4. Create a new collection of items;
  5. Get discounts when you share.
Figure 5. User testing results (before & after shops exhibitions).


One major challenge in the project was to focus on personalization. Our aim was to improve user engagement by understanding more about a user’s personal preferences, allowing us to predict and tailor relevant products for everyone's design likes.

Figure 6. Miid platform screenshots.


With the proper planning, Miid.io would offer VR Customization for many products and services. New features of the platform were showed in this video to show the first impressions and experiences with the VR environments.

Figure 4. Promotional video about VR Customization.


In the results we created a web platform that is able to perform the business tasks. UI testing gave us an idea of how to properly organize the structure of the customization environments, providing the most positive user experience for Miid's users.

Most people make the mistake of thinking design is what it looks like. People think it’s this veneer – that the designers are handed this box and told “make it look good”. That’s not what we think design is. It’s not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. Steve Jobs, US computer engineer & industrialist.

The company's founders are exploring clothing industry to improve customization service on spot, via VR technologies. Design, User Experience and technology allowed the project to go to another new stage for customization in Asia

Date December, 2016
Type Mobile apps, Prototyping design


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